Galway City

Galway City; picturesque,diverse, multicultural, magical.



As Galway City mourns the passing of two more young lives recently the onset of summer cannot come quick enough. Minds and bodies require some rejuvenation and the feel good factor that summer in Galway brings.
Yesterday’s front page of the Galway Advertiser opts to ignore the actual tragedy of recent days and instead pursues a narrative that depicts the city as akin to Johannesburg circa the Apartheid era. Instead of actually reporting on relevant news the people of Galway are AGAIN being told how horrible and racist they are.Galway is like a version of Texas in 1823 we are led to believe where innocent and meek foreign workers are being systematically abused and discriminated against, daily weekly and yearly.

No evidence, no statistics, nothing of any value or solid empirical data to back up these absurd claims that the Galway Advertiser consistently platforms.And again, we are being told that we are living in some racist infested hovel. The latest  news from an unelected dishonourable and totally untrustworthy individual is  that ‘racist incident report cards ‘ will be available for those who feel they are being discriminated simply because of the colour of their skin and their nationality.

This narrative, consistently facilitated by a community paper that is primarily a sales and advertising publication, tries to spin a tale of the city as full of ugly racists. How can any right-minded journalist who prides himself on balance and integrity allow this one sided pathological and misanthropic rubbish to be deemed credible is a mystery.

Galway City 2.jpg


No. Galway is not a racist city. In fact, quite the opposite. It is a city where diversity is intrinsic. Galway is Ireland’s shining example of cosmopolitan multiculturalism and a few bored and insecure teenagers drinking cans of Galahad and calling names does not constitute a racist epidemic.

A recent attack on the mosque in Ballybrit revealed the superficiality of claims that Galway has a racist problem. Imam Ibrahim Noonan, a kind and warm hearted man was all too aware that this was the actions of a few misguided teenagers experimenting with alcohol for the first time. That’s what unruly teenagers do; they break glasses, throw stones and behave like idiots regardless of what colour or creed or race their targets are.This was not indicative of an underlying broader pattern of dislike towards Galway’s Muslim community.

The skewed and hateful assault on the city’s image has been facilitated by the Galway Advertiser for years now and it simply must stop. Why on earth would you allow such hateful views from people who literally have no integrity on a personal level whatsoever?


What gives anyone the right to harshly judge others and categorise them as racist or sexist or homophobic without solid, concrete evidence? Those who point fingers must ensure their own hands are clean otherwise they devalue the message they adopt and undermine the real complaints of real victims of  real discrimination.

But that’s the problem with left politics in the West of Ireland and beyond these days. Long abandoned by the working-class communities and indeed the modern precariat of urban areas these finger- pointing malcontents are reduced to depicting our societies and communities as inherently bad and evil and discriminatory. It celebrates victimhood and incriminates society at large for their own personal grudges and failures.

The left, or rather what’s left of the left, in this city are a sad sorry bunch, utterly devoid of any of the principles of early Irish militant socialism, the antithesis of the ideals of Larkin and Connolly. These are essentially keyboard warriors, the kind of people who engage in pointless back and forth online arguments because they are suffering from personal existentialist pain and upset of some description.

Hosting tiny meetings in bathrooms of dinghy drug riddled pubs and telling each other how racist and sexist and homophobic the rest of society is, these self martyred narcissistic un- qualified, unelected angry little men appoint themselves as superior to the law when it suits them; but make no mistake these self-styled anti capitalists will run to the police station when confronted over their hateful misleading propaganda.

The narcissism inherent in these posturing, preening middle class children of ingratitude was again on display recently when making  anonymous, outrageous and totally unproven allegations about a local man.

The same group of ‘activists’ were also pathetic enough to organise hanging a repeal the 8th flag over the Cathedral last year. Just think of the effort and planning that would have involved. Think of serious faces actually believing that defacing a building largely frequented by Galway’s elderly population is a credible piece of political action. Brainwashed into believing a marvellous piece of architecture is a symbol for a malevolent patriarchy intent on mass oppression. The attitude of the left involves extreme over simplification of society, dividing us up into two polarised groups in adversarial positions of ideological extremes.

The reality is much more sobering and involves a complexity beyond the kind of mind who thinks hanging a used blanket on a beautiful building is a potent political action.



This relentless pathological misanthropy of course barely registers for most people who can instinctively recognise the utter lack of utility in engaging with such nonsense. But it is important that local newspapers start exercising some quality control and cease providing a quick and easy platform for this hateful anti Galway disinformation.
Making sweeping negative statements about the profile of a positive vibrant city like Galway requires real evidence and real research. The finest sociological and psychological researchers must be employed to initiate long term research and investigation into issues that are far beyond the comprehension of these little puppies who are all bark and no bite and who are not qualified to deliver any judgements themselves.
Instead of telling us what’s wrong with  the world these people should focus on fixing themselves.


Otherwise it may be time to organise the inaugural AGM of Galway Citizens Against People Who Are Always Calling Galway People Racist Network.

We are not racist in this city.

And its time the Galway Advertiser stopped telling us we are.


Where are the quotas for the disadvantaged?

By Gary Elbert
Minister for Education Mary Mitchell O Connor has announced a plan for gender quotas to be introduced in higher education to address the lack of females in high ranking positions. The plan directly implies some sort of patriarchal gender bias in operation in Irish third level instituitions consciously blocking women from becoming professors.

Proof of this bias is  centred around a small number of cases where women won court battles highlighting their plight, as we saw in Nui Galway and the Skeffington case.We applaud the Minister’s quest for equality of opportunity through the rigorous introduction of such quotas but we ask that she continue this theme of eradicating inequality in the education system.
Next on the agenda we expect the Minister to introduce class quotas where young people from dis-advantaged backgrounds will be guaranteed a set number of entries to third level college which the state will fund. Following that we expect the Minister for equality in education to introduce further quotas for people from disadvantaged backgrounds to fill lecturing, teaching, and eventually professorship positions in order to finally address the chronic lack of people from ‘underclass’ communities failing to attain high level educational positions.
A lot of work for the Minister to keep her busy. But why stop there?
Next we want mandatory quotas for male undergraduate students who are currently outnumbered by females in the third level system. The quotas will ensure equal representation among gender in our universities with equality fully reflected on the top and bottom of the educational hierarchy.

Underperforming male students must also receive extra incentives and opportunities to help address this undergraduate imbalance.
Finally we want gender quota’s introduced at lecturer level and gender quotas introduced into primary and secondary school teaching positions which are currently being snaffled by greedy women.
When the Minister has concluded this visionary and utopian work her attention must then turn to introducing race quotas, transgender quotas, and finally, and most importantly, disability quotas.

People not of Irish descent are disgracefully underrepresented in lucrative and influential positions. This pro Irish bias is racist and must end in order to promote an inclusive and egalitarian society.
Transgender lecturers and lecturers with disabilities are also chronically rare in the upper tier of the Irish university system.
When is the Minister going to address this blatant discrimination?
Eventually, when the university system get on board with this equality of outcome vision then colleagues of the Minister can begin work on implanting the project across all sectors of society.
It’s a disgrace that women are underrepresented  unskilled and underpaid manual labour with men hoovering up all the jobs.
And what about the women grabbing all the  nursing and care sector jobs?
When is this horrendous inequality going to be handled?
The intersectional Olympics have begun in Ireland.
Victimhood has never been so lucrative.


Eamonn Magee- Working Class Anti Hero



The spectacle of Eamonn Magee in a boxing ring was always intriguing. The flattened sullen face, the tricolour stained flashy shorts and the stylish southpaw feints and blows coming from all angles was a potent mix to the eyes of a young fella watching on Sky Sports in a living room of a council estate in Tipperary in the late nineties.
A defiance burst from his being, a ready rebelliousness, a glint in the eyes of a face that looked like it had lived ten lives. Magee was an antidote to an increasing corporatism and political correctness engulfing our interactions and a shining symbol of the kind of traditional masculinity that is much maligned in our current absurd cultural environment..
Magee, didn’t give an F as they say, and there is no better plaudit to be heaped upon a man who comes from the wrong side of the tracks by his fellow soldiers of dysfunction whether they be from Toxteth or Moyross, Ballymun or Brixton. Men like Magee are bizarre symbols of hope to socio economic hubs of deprivation. They refuse to bow down, to cower and to give in despite the game being played around them set up to ensure their failure.
I watched his clinical dismantling of respected puncher Jonathan Thaxton and his showdown with the heavily hyped Ricky Hatton was an exciting prospect. Those were the pre internet days of perusing The Ring magazine, Boxing Monthly, and ordering VHS tapes of big contests in America from advertisers on the back pages of the boxing periodicals.
Our hearts skipped a beat as Magee dropped Hatton early and our souls left crushed as his performance waned due to stamina issues.The description of Magee’s ill fated training camp in the lead up to the biggest fight of his career is worth the price of the book alone. And it hardly helped his cardiovascular condition when he was spotted sucking on a tobacco stick by stunned Hatton acolytes a mere hour before making his ring walk. The sense of what might have been or what should have been left a sour aftertaste.

But that emotional comedown from Irish sporting events had become acceptable. We had Sonia’s doom-laden efforts, Michelle Smith’s controversy and countless Irish soccer matches that started promisingly before the inevitable injury time goal concession sent us trudging disconsolately to the bar. We even had an embarrassing Olympic incident where one of our show-jumping horses was found loaded to the gills on illegal substances. We were used to let downs in Irish sporting endeavour. It fed into our strangely deferential submissive post-colonial consciousness. We were the plucky Irish, dangerous early but guaranteed to fade as reality set in. I remember a rugby match against the All Blacks, an early try and a two fingered salute to the Maori machine before a merciless hammering was administered to the insolent Irish. Those were the days when Irish sport regularly churned out stoic and stubborn spirits who seemed to exemplify some long watered down pre Christian Celtic Warrior archetype. Fiercely pugnacious unreconstructed rule breaking types like Peter Clohessy and Trevor Brennan in rugby, Steve Collins, Wayne McCullough and Magee in boxing. Roy Keane, Paul McGrath and adopted Irishman Mick McCarthy in soccer. The GAA supplied a consistent stream of off the wall characters of colour in the nineties from Tommy Dowd to Charlie Redmond to John Leahy; the list is endless.
It appears the decline in Irish sporting characters who played by their own rules ended alongside the advance of professionialism and corporate cultural etiquette that now blights the media trained and personality -free stars of today. Eamonn Magee and his likes may just be a dying breed as masculinity itself is now under assault from today’s militant left thought patterns sweeping media offices and college campuses screaming toxic and fragile masculinity at any man who commits the fatal error of opening a door for an elderly lady. Conor Mcgregor is cut from a similar cloth . Uppity working class Irish sports stars appear to be an endangered species except in the realms of boxing and most recently MMA , and who can by pass the once vital seal of approval from the mainstream press.
At this point the example of Saipan is often raised as a turning point for the collective Irish sporting mindset. If that were true, the drunken singing in the stadiums of Poland in 2012 would never have happened. The Irish will always have a soft spot for flawed but gifted artists and sporting figures.
Reading Eamonn Magee’s story, written by Paulie D Gibson, it transports us back to the early noughties era, the embryonic days of the Celtic Tiger and a new nation and polarised island struggling to break free off guns, Church and hypocrisy.
Magee’s background is as tough and hard as they come. Owner of a scowl that “could melt molten lava” ,according to Adam Smith, Magee is a compelling figure in the pantheon of working class Irish sporting anti-heroes.

Eamonn Magee v Allan Vester

The misfortune of being a highly strung young man born into a vicious sectarian war zone would inevitably mark the personality formation of Magee. His wildness was primarily genetically influenced it seems. His siblings managed to sculpt themselves into positive contributors to society but for Eamonn his core emotional style revolved around extremity, a struggle that continues to the present day. This was a man working the doors of Ardoyne as a teenager, ripping off gullible students, and somehow becoming one of the brightest young talents the Irish boxing landscape had helped to mould. Trading off talent and an inconsistent casual approach to training Magee was one of the few who managed to totally avoid the temptations of the bar stool that lures so many of our talented young men down the road to oblivion. Every town and city and village in Ireland has a local who could’ve should’ve would’ve been a contender were it not for the aul drink and the demons. Magee’s book is essential reading for any young athlete on what not to do in terms of optimising their careers and lives. It probably should be part of the curriculum in some form for the sheer fear factor it would induce in our youth.
In the days before sports scientists, high performance units, kale, avocados and Instagram bragging, Magee was scoffing pizza, skulling cans of industrial strength lager and somehow knocking people out culminating in a silver medal win at the World Junior Championships after despatching the favoured Cuban in the semi-final. He boxed Sugar Shane Mosley in the National Stadium, his fearlessness and love of combat endearing him to legendary Irish boxing patriarch Nikolas Cruz. His bout with Eddie Fisher in 1991( available on You Tube) is an absorbing tussle and a mainstay of classic fights in the Irish amateur archive.

The dark periods following the bitter closure to his amateur career proves testing for the reader before the embryonic bouts of a mushrooming professional career lifts the book’s narrative into something approaching optimism. Boxing anoraks will delight at the early goings on around Magee’s fledgling career with tales of besting household names in sparring.
The fleet-footed switch hitting Magee of the ring was a sharp contrast to the vengeful nihilist outside it where impulsive decisions underscored by hard drinking and a refusal to tolerate any threat, verbal or physical leading to regular skirmishes and physical assaults.  He was like a Ardoyne version of those old John L Sullivan types who would walk into  a bar and present a dominant hierarchical challenge to every male customer’s delusions of masculine prowess. A hilarious anachronism especially now in the socio-cultural era where such masculine traits languish in the confines of the lowest socio-economic enclaves.
The what if’s in this story are numerous. What if a mooted fight with Irish Micky Ward had went ahead after the Bostonian had relieved Shea Neary of his WBU strap? What if Magee had boxed at Barcelona 92? And what if Magee wasn’t smoking a cigarette an hour before he dropped Hatton?
Magee’s personal difficulties would require a team of crack psychologists and behavioural experts working round the clock for a decade with numerous tragedies and episodes of violence blighting his existence. Yet somehow he managed to win a world title travel the world,  and continues to operate as a boxing coach despite being a functioning alcoholic.Magge book
In terms of naked honesty and the triumph of athletic and genetic ability  briefly overcoming troubled personal circumstances the book ranks alongside Paul McGrath’s raw autobiographical classic’ Back from the Brink’ and is essential reading for Irish sports enthusiasts and boxing obsessives.



Get the best out of yourself

Imagine meandering through the dream of life without getting close to reaching your physical potential. Sailing through your prime years in a state of oblivion, a slave to subversive cultural influences. In the nineties we were told smoking was cool; rebellious even. The nineties normalised hedonism and produced a roll call of victims which in turn kickstarted the current mental health epidemic gripping our lives and tumbling our heads into the safety of online personas where we create these nonsensical humourless digital identities and compare them to other reality defying identities.

But its all nonsense really isn’t it?. An alternative universe of humble bragging egotism. We are slaves to nonsense.That’s what inactivity can do. It dulls the senses. It makes inertia normal. The thought of effort can strike fear. Taking oneself out of your comfort zone is difficult. A comfort zone becomes a protective layer of delusion appealing to human nature’s long ingrained tendency for self-destruction. We can confuse challenge with threat and myriad defence mechanisms instantaneously crop up urging us, demanding us not to push ourselves.
What’s the point? Oh, I cannot be arsed. That’s not for me. I must get fit first before I go running. I’m too busy right now to improve my health and wellbeing. The brain creates several conflicting but compelling reasons not to challenge ourselves, to delay that moment of potential transformation under a cloud of procrastination. It’s the reason why a 2000-word assignment sits on your desk while you scroll through news about the Kardashians or watch a two minute You Tube video of squirrels on a surfboard. Its the reason you reach for something that offers immediate self gratification.Our over worked limbic systems have been hacked into and compromised by ruthless tech firms.Resistance seems futile.

The trick with resistance is to assault it head on. To recognise that part of our brain, of our consciousness that wants us to waste time, to remain idle to put off what needs to be done. Resistance is a direct threat to our development , to our quality of life, and to our future.Acquiescing to the pull of unstructured and aimless nonactivity thus produces a looping whirlwind of negative self loathing emotions.

Many people spend their lives slaves to the powers of resistance. They never come close to fulfilling their potential. That nagging feeling of unfulfillment and vague dissatisfaction never leaves their being. They want more but tell themselves they don’t know how.
Commitment to a consistent exercise and diet routine is the best gift you can give yourself. It constructs a solid foundation of core strength and determination that can make you feel bullet proof. And it’s those days where the couch seems to have superglued you to its warm spectacle of nothingness that truly test your will. Smashing that hyper resistance guarantees an enhanced glow of satisfaction upon completion.

“I’m not a runner” a person once said to me. He was able bodied, in the fullness of his health. He had somehow convinced himself that he couldn’t walk fast before breaking into a low paced running pace. Several weeks later he was a runner completing his first ten km run.
Running is easy. You pick point a and point b and you run from one point to another. You feel like a legend after and as you keep doing it you get faster, you get stronger and you feel better.
The same mental processes that make us delay facing up to that assignment, that revision or that presentation are the same processes involved in sabotaging our health and wellbeing.
Do we really want to spend the best years of our lives namely our twenties and thirties in poor physical condition never coming close to optimising our athletic potential??Of course we don’t.
How we treat our bodies affects how our mind works. The fountain of youth can handle the onslaught of poor lifestyle choices only for so long. Everybody starts somewhere. In a country swelled with nefarious influences, questionable governance and relentlessly depressing weather the onus is on us, on you to protect yourself and avoid that victim narrative that some poor souls end up embracing.

“ Ever tried ,ever failed, no matter. Try again, fail again, fail better “ Samuel Beckett.


Enlightening Conversations

In the National University of Ireland Galway library back in January a young man was watching a talk by Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan B Peterson. A stack of books covering the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche lay beside his laptop as the young man stared engrossed at the compelling arguments Peterson disseminated. Young intellectually curious people in Ireland are discovering new ways of thinking and conversing far away from the tepid and dull offerings our own public sphere has to offer.

Tomorrow night will see Sam Harris, Douglas Murray, and Jordan Peterson share a stage in Dublin where the Pangburn Philosophy event is promoted as ‘Winning the War of Ideas’.
Let’s meet the men who will share the stage all of whom are white, well educated, relatively wealthy, and therefore worthy of ridicule.
Douglas Murray is a racist, immigrant demonising British toff who skilfully disguises his inherent hatred of foreign people with elaborate and articulate arguments against the immigration policies of European nations.


Murray’s best selling book raises some uncomfortable truths

Sam Harris is a Muslim hating neo liberal bigot who supports American interventions abroad. He also does a bit of neuro science and likes his meditation. He is most famous for being outshone by a steroid fuelled Ben Affleck deep in the process of character prepping for the role of Batman.

Sam Harris picture

Harris: seeking to promote rational and reasonable conversations

Jordan Peterson is a misguided transgender hating malcontent who has become a hero of sad lonely men, spokesman for the Incel generation who supports enforced monogamy and believes young people should focus on improving themselves rather than aiming their unhappiness at the feet of the capitalist system. Peterson seeks to empower marginalised men who can’t stomach the drive for gender equality. Peterson defends the gender wage gap by stating its foundation stems from biological differences and not psycho social and cultural influences. Peterson is an alt right god bothering symbol of a suffocating bitter patriarchy.

JBP Channel 4

Peterson’s Channel 4 farcicial encounter exposed the limitations of mainstream media and the porousness of the gender wage gap argument

The audience paying to watch these regressive bigots and transparent racists will be predominantly men between the ages of twenty and fifty and thus should be roundly jeered, mocked, name called and pitied for the sad sad group they are. Blind fanboys hanging on every pause from Peterson lips while clapping like seals at each biased utterance emerging from the mouths of these men. Three middle aged men on stage speaking about misgivings with religion and immigration. This should not actually be allowed even take place. In fact, a protest should be organised with the aim of shutting these horrible racists up.
Slanderous and underdeveloped categorisation of people we don’t like or don’t understand is certainly not a new phenomenon ,as we saw in Nazi Germany,  but it has become a weapon of the keyboard warriors and permanently offended and disaffected who use the same weapons of denigration their spiritual cousins on the extreme right tend to deploy.
Now that we have that insular categorisation out of the way lets look forward to Saturdays event at the 3 Arena where three members of the clumsily but aptly titled ‘Intellectual Dark Web’ congregate to participate in a hopefully absorbing and challenging conversation where subjects such as atheism, social hierarchies, multiculturalism, Islam, Christianity, neuroscience, anthropology, and psychology among many others will be explored. The kind of freeform explorative unrestricted debate you never hear in this country basically.
It appears that Murray is moderating the discussion. Much of the debate may centre around the divergent positions Harris and Peterson hold on religion. Harris was part of the four Horsemen, Hitchens, Dennett, and Dawkins who were regarded as the standard bearers of new atheism which is growing steadily throughout modern western countries including Ireland. Harris believes religion has lost much of its utility and advocates a humanitarian and holistic approach to modern life centred around well being and spirituality through secular education and scientific evaluation towards all belief systems. Its safe to assume he will not be purchasing the ‘Pope Francis Ireland 2018’ t -shirts currently on sale in leading retail outlets.

Peterson on the other hand believes religion is the meta narrative of human history and is natural product of an inbuilt biological morality that has shaped and guided human survival and evolution. Peterson is this century’s first prominent public intellectual with a pan European and North American audience base who find meaning in much of his belief patterns. Peterson rails against the rise of nihilism in post-industrial secularised democracies and cites Nietzsche’s’ God is Dead ‘theory as a prescient manifestation of current first world existentialist crisis where a rapid rise in anxiety, addiction and depression shows no sign of abating. Peterson views the once liberal left movement of America and Europe as having been restructured from the dying embers of traditional Marxism into increasingly dogmatic, intolerant and extreme groupings (utilising the postmodernist theories of Foucault and co) seeking to blame systems, history, and skin colour as reasons for ingrained inequality in our societies.

Peterson qoute


Peterson believes the left has become a militant postmodern bastion of misery and bitterness, citing his own transformation from student socialist to thoughtful conservative as triggered by the observation that conservative voices atop various community hierarchies were simply more rounded and responsible people than misanthropic megaphone street ballers.
Peterson is an interesting development with some of his messages resonating with Ireland’s millennials struggling to shake off the effects of the cultural nihilism of the nineties (imported from Britain) which coincided with a collapse in belief and faith in Irelands religious and political structures and which also coincided with the infancy of globalisation thus triggering the current waves of anxiety and existentialist confusion which are spiking suicide rates across Europe. In short, a collapse of belief in traditional forces hand in hand with a romanticising of self-gratification and an unprecedented integration of neuro physiology with technology which the rise of the internet and its endless feed of hyper stimulation has helped bolster. But that erosion of the legitimacy of a belief and value system that has moulded and guided the evolution of modern Irish people has not been addressed never mind replaced. Thus, we continually reproduce young people who see drinking to excess as the height of existence and who are increasingly disengaged with social and community forces as online identity retreat erodes basic human values governing interpersonal interaction.




The ‘ Intellectual Dark Web’

The success of Peterson, Harris, Murray, and more has many variables with one significant aspect being the exposure of traditional media conversations constricted by time, advertising and the search for soundbites and artificial controversy. Rapid adversarial discussion with a clear absence of detail and depth are now thankfully under threat as the public sphere itself begins to evolve from ten-minute vacuous interviews where attempts to win conversation are patently ridiculous. It could be argued that this very medium of restricted discussion helps to fuel the tendency within our societies to judge, categorise and denigrate thus framing the scope and width of general discussions and verbal interactions in the wider society. The medium is the message as Marshall McLuhan said.


The irony of trying to force feed a version of Utopia that’s a creation of a person’s own internal defects and viewing most if not all the exterior economic environment as an intrinsically malevolent force of oppression requires a level of simplistic pathological brain activity devoid of fluidity and lateral flexibility. So much so that it has more in common with rigid extreme right-wing thinking.
Here in Ireland the political spectrum can be neatly divided along classic unevolved left-right polarisation. Those who say take the tax owed by Apple and re invest in housing and health. And those who say we cannot accept the EU ruling because if we do, the multinationals who prop up our economy will gradually proceed to relocate elsewhere.

The left in Ireland has been  kidnapped by intolerant  middle class resentment with the low income ‘ordinary’ people largely abandoned or simply uninspired by those dilettantes who categorise themselves as left liberals. Urban areas around Dublin and Cork are voting for socialist candidates but that is a reflection of historical political affiliations rather than the strength of the elected candidates although this has yet to be adequately proven or disproven. The left movement nationally is a hit and miss concoction of pillow spined bohemian types  utterly marginalised from the precariat and the traditional working class areas they are supposed to serve as a vehicle for expression. Consequently the neo liberal social fabric destroying policies of the Irish government continue to wreak havoc with minimal resistance. The water movement was not a victory for the left but rather a success against state incompetence and arrogance led by normally conservative activists who saw the monstrosity of Irish Water as a bridge too far. Considering the outrages, scandals, and corruption of the last two decades the Taoiseach’s office should right now be adorned with a poster of Che Guevara. The left have consistently failed to capitalise on the Irish State’s dysfunction-a symptom of its members own inadequacies and personal motivation perhaps. Orwell famously observed many left voices are motivated more by a hatred of the rich rather than any real burning undercurrent of empathy for the poor and the struggling.

“Anger is an energy “stated John Lydon. For the post modern left anger is an addictive destructive energy being masked by a martyred narcissistic image of compassion serving to create a hub of conspiratorial victimhood where devotees can find solace in an ideology that removes the notion of personal responsibility.
Douglas Murray is another antagonist of the left for daring to reveal uncomfortable truths in a non-discriminatory way. Murray attracts the ire of the morally superior middle-class soldiers of the left because he dares to probe and question the wisdom and effects of mass immigration leading to hubs of horror such as the Rotherham case where wholescale acts of rape and assault were inadequately investigated by British authorities for fear of being labelled racist. One victim said “the police treated me as If I was a liar…I was a child…. they interrogated me….”. The police lost the evidence provided by the victim. Thus, we have a scenario where extreme acts of criminality are written off as minor aberrations rather than a symptom of the dangers of indiscriminate mass immigration. The left remains mute on such transgressions while simultaneously supporting deeply regressive patriarchal and misogynistic religions and cultures all in the name of diversity.
Tomorrow night’s event is a breath of fresh air in a country generally poisoned by restrictive inoffensive interactions within the public sphere and heralds a new dawn in public discourse and increased appetite for intellectual freedom and curiosity which can only enhance our society’s future functioning.




See the source image

For the hardcore MMA fans this weekend’s matchup between light weight contenders Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje in Glendale, Arizona , Texas, promises to be a scrap that cannot fail to deliver on prime-time, bloody , and artistic violence.

Gaethje comes off a loss to Eddie Alvarev in a fight of the year contender while the streaking Poirier has won six of his last eight. The fighters share a common denominator; Michael Johnson. Poirier lost to MJ while Gaethje announced himself to the UFC with a thrilling win over Johnson.

Breaking down the contest it is unrealistic to expect The Highlight to change his mentally unbreakable, kamikaze approach. He will bound out of the traps and seek to capture the centre of the Octagon and begin his assault, whipping out his brutal leg kicks and following up with bread and butter boxing combos. Gaethje is a throwback, a fighter’s fighter who prides himself on an indefatigable will.

Poirier fights with much more finesse, that superior experience providing the template for a more cerebral and rational approach but make no mistake Poirier will not be found wanting should a dogfight begin to ensue after an early feeling out period. Poirier rebounded from his McGregor humiliation racking up tactically impressive victories over quality operators such as Joe Duffy and Anthony Pettis. The Diamond isn’t shy about utilising his wrestling and kickboxing, mixing it up effectively and backing that up with a solid gas tank that has seem him emerge stronger of late in the latter part of tough bouts.

Both fighters are hovering around the upper echelons of the top ten rankings and both are aware that a convincing and fan friendly performance will leave a title shot dangling ever closer.

If you have never saw Gaethje fight do not hesitate to catch him this weekend. The man seems mentally incapable of caution, pouring forward relentlessly and laying down the gauntlet to his opponent as soon as he gets the green light, Gaethje doesn’t do feeling out or easing in ; he is in the pocket swinging and kicking from the word go. Justin doesn’t bother with head movement or elusiveness. He wants a test of will and offers a stiff assignment to the streaking Poirier especially since the former WSOF champion is seeking to bounce back from a maiden defeat.

The question for Gaethje is will he utilise his under deployed All American wresting pedigree and offer a multi-dimensional strategic approach or will he revert to type and attempt to ground down Poirier through front foot pressure ? -no easy task.

Surely at some stage the penny will drop for Gaethje – fight smarter or shorten your career. In fact Poireir himself has issued a warning to Gaethje regarding his suicidal recklessness.

Poirier seems more experienced and better equipped to grab the victory, but I cannot rule out Gaethje especially as it appears he  can stuff Poirier’s excellent takedowns. The Diamond has an excellent grasp of timing and level change, but his undoing may just be when the fight becomes a stand and trade brawl and bang fest. Poirier’s chin is probably more weathered.

If Poirier can stay focused, implement his game plan he can win a points decision but as Mike Tyson said, ‘Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the face’. I expect Poirier to be unable to resist Gaethje’s testing of his cojones and eventually allow himself to get dragged into a dog fight where Gaethje will capitalise.

Despite his aggressive pressure style Gaethje should be the fresher of the pair and it will be his freshness that triumphs over Poirier’s experience in an absolute slobber knocker of a scrap that will keep you on the edge of your seat after a long night on the town.

Prediction : GAETHJE BY KO/TKO


Let Him Speak

Nigel Farage

Chances are that if you are a humanities undergraduate student in the Republic of Ireland or Britain you probably do not like Nigel Farage. Right wing hate monger you may think. A closet racist stirring up anti-immigrant sentiment. An exploiter of fear and loathing. An Eton twit brimming with bourgeois entitlement and privilege. An anti Eu anti multiculturalism harbinger of division and doom, a modern Gestapo foot soldier.
You probably do not want Farage to be given the platform to air his views on an IRE exit given the disdain in which you hold his views. You want Nigel Farage banned, gagged and silenced.
And that attitude is exactly why careerist opportunistic political chameleons like Farage can not only sustain a high profile political career but record a historic and seismic electoral result that significantly alters the British, European and Irish economic and social landscape for decades to come.
Brexit was a gargantuan upset led by Farage and his ‘Breaking Point’ campaigns. An unprecedented act of political guerrilla warfare where neo liberalisms inherent inadequacies were transformed into a xenophobic shit storm with Middle England voting in defiance at multiculturalism’s failed micro experiments such as the Rotherham abuse scandal.
Farage operates from the same basic template as other savvy but superficial dilettantes of politics like Trump …. identify weakness, repackage your message, promise hope and change and blame the Asian man who works in the local chip shop. It’s an old tactic, from Hitler to your local Kerry td, blame the outsiders, blame the uppity city snobs,blame the strangers for taking the jobs, blame someone ,anyone, while you enrich yourself on local contracts, talk tough and serve pints to locals who think you’re a great character, a gas man.
Farage should not be allowed spread his bile we are told. The assumption here is that thousands if not millions of impressionable minds exist, zombies of the underclass, intellectually supressed muppets unable to resist the charms and messages posh boy pigeons like Farage deliver. A typically Marxist concept. Most people are stupid, enslaved, oppressed. Labouring under false consciousness. Passive victims of complex social political and economic forces. We must protect the poor from themselves. We must ban those who peddle alternative viewpoints to our own in the desperate hope that those millions of poor people are not brainwashed again. Intrinsic in this call to gag Farage is an intellectual snobbery not commensurate with lived experience. , a mode of attitude common in young underdeveloped brain structures.

If you ban a book, gag a voice or supress a view not of your own you merely attach a notoriety and a gravitas to mundanity. You offer tired but stubborn old methods a fresh cloak of relevance when you seek to censor such voices.
This is why Farage, Trump and Brexit happen. The postmodern version of liberalism and Neo Marxist types are so far removed from engagement with the working class, however loosely defined that grouping now is, that they believe simply censoring right wing chancers like Farage is a fair and acceptable action.
Farage is an elected representative, a savvy veteran politician, wily and cynical. He presents a formidable foe to the wide eyed 19-year-old college socialist who thinks the world is one big system of oppression.
No ;Farage must be allowed speak, His words must be dissected. His demeanour and methods of persuasion carefully monitored.
Ask a criminal psychologist which of the two options I more beneficial; Option 1; Execute the serial killer without mercy or option 2; cage, study and analyse the warped mind to learn and possibly prevent future killers. Yes, you guessed it option 2 is the more favoured choice.

We don’t get to choose who we listen to sometimes. Instead of censoring Farage why not try to outdebate him, why not try to learn from his cynical approach and ultimately why not formulate a superior rational approach that outshines his tired, familiar schtick.
Its ironic that the only group involved in the outcry for Farage to be silenced mainly consist of middle class 18 – 24-year olds going through the stereotypical Marxist phase.
Whether self-styled left activists like it or not a considerable proportion of the population hold conservative views on the economy, on immigration and sit in the centre of the political spectrum. Instead of engaging with them with a superiority complex or worse trying to gag them it is imperative that the battle of ideas which is reaching a curious intergenerational fork in the road is won with rational argument not emotional displays featuring impassioned teenagers playing at disruption. The State is inherently conservative.

The state has a monopoly on the use of violence. There will be no violent revolution. If there ever is it will certainly not be led by those activists on the left who often appear malnourished and seem incapable of any physical activity at all. In fact a common denominator among many of the left is an utter abdication of exercise and self improvement. How you gonna point out all the flaws of the world when you cant maintain a consistent regime of hygiene and exercise? How can you outline the deep faultlines of society while smoking twenty cigarettes a day and living in squalor?

Farage utilises the issue of immigration sneakily. Fox hunting country bumpkin faintly racist Farage may be but he’s not a Holocaust denier. His form of sneakiness needs to be met head on not by throwing our toys out of the pram and whinging that he should be suppressed. The main flaw on the left is the attempt to shut down ALL debate on immigration as if even questioning the wisdom of mass immigration is inherently racist. A flaw in any argument concerning immigration is the pathological and demented desire to use the racist label indiscriminately.

British commentator Douglas Murray has long argued against the lunacy as he perceives it of current European immigration policies as is his right. And while Farage is certainly much more crude and inarticulate than Murray it’s the left who need to climb down off their self-appointed moral superiority high horse and realise that current immigration policies is causing hazardous conflicts. These conflicts are being exploited politically by Farage and Trump and others to great success.
When you argue for censorship, you have already lost the debate. Democracy is not selective with an on off button every time an opinion contrary to yours is aired. To paraphrase Voltaire, “I may not agree with you, but I will defend your right to say it”.


Sugar Tax


A sugar tax is due for enforcement to counter health issues and rising obesity issues. A spokesman for the HSE commented on high number of children drinking sugar laden sports drinks as a critical issue while another claim stated that such poor dietary habits could be the product of a lack of awareness or poor education among parents as to the dangers of allowing their children repeated exposure to such products.

Another person spoke of “lots of people out there ” who don’t know about eating in moderation, cooking your own food and still “ having the odd treat ” every now and then.

So far so boring and predictable. The sub text here being that the people who are allowing their children access to such drinks are stupid and ignorant.

Anybody who gives their child a sugar riddled energy drink or consistently feeds their child processed food needs a serious, serious wake up call.

You are sabotaging your child’s development, ruining their chances of physical development and assaulting their brains and bodies with poison. Mcdonalds is not a treat. It is disease food,poison designed to hurt young bodies.

The life of poverty often refers to limited economic opportunity and less so in terms of poverty of information and knowledge.

The issue strikes at a deeper problem among those on the lower socio economic scale .A psychology of hopelessness resulting in higher impulsivity,subtle patterns of self destruction not to mention of course higher rates of mental health problems.

If your poor the odds are against you. They stay against you and those odds can result in abdication of responsibility. People just give up.

A PR drone spoke about demonization of food groups as he spectacularly failed to mount a coherent defense of his employers interests. He mentioned how its all “ down to education and personal responsibility ” and inadvertently nailed the crux of this issue.

Those of us who regularly consume sugar riddled soft drinks and horse down processed food and those of who allow their children those same patterns of destructive behaviour are participating in an abdication of personal responsibility facilitated ,triggered and spawned by their lower economic status yes but also doing so knowing full well that such consumption behaviours are wrong and destructive.

Why do people smoke twenty cigarettes a day knowing they are bad for them? Why do people swamp alcohol and consume drugs and engage in consumption and nihilistic activities that contravene their own personal health?

Patterns of addiction and indeed addictive behaviours can be hereditary .Self destructive or melancholic endogenous dispositions can lead to such self-defeating behaviours. Experential trauma is another excuse for abandoning ones own health concerns.

An attitude of ‘cant be arsed ‘ or whats the point’ proliferates throughout much of society especially on the precariat and working class scale,with diet and nutritional negligence often the result of reward dopamine based psychological processes to counter balance economic woes.

Is it realistic to expect all parents on bottom end of the economic pie to be modern kitchen wizards?

There are 12 per cent obesity rates in the poorest areas of the country apparently. Of course our under privileged areas never fail to produce our best and most determined athletes as poverty has a way of bringing out the heroic best of some brave and courageous people.

But the flip side is that others exist who not only abdicate responsibility but rather are clueless as to how to initiate consistent patterns of responsibility and mindful eating and drinking practices , remaining oblivious to the transformative and revolutionary effects of clean and healthy living.

Introducing a sugar tax is an initiative that reveals the attitude of the bureaucracy to such lost souls. It doesn’t trust them to transform their habits and lifestyle choices through education but rather by taxing bad decision-making it hopes to make a dent in a problem that drains our health system and produces a generation of children who quite simply have not been allowed to develop optimally.

Freedom of choice is important but how much freedom is really at play in the face of advertising and marketing and laboratory practices,an army of experts in fact, employed and deployed to attain maximum addictions and attachment to sugar based products?Its an army of highly trained professionals teaming up to exploit a basic human need for treats and rewards at the expense of human progress among social stratification groups who need all the enlightenment they can get.

And how much will is there to launch an offensive on the sugar industry or on the massive conglomerates that rake in billions on the sale of harmful and nutritionally deficit products?

Making poor decisions often represents short-term impulsivity related to higher levels of self-gratification and poor self-discipline and in turn leading to overall poor performance in occupations and higher rates of unemployment.
In other words a domino effect leading to a diminished quality of life, a pattern that can perpetuate for years until the inevitable disaster strikes and the body yells stop.